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  1. Minecraft on Windows Phone but So What

    by Chris

    It hasn’t been long since Microsoft bought Mojang, the Minecraft company, for 2.5 billion dollars. The first obvious effect we’ve seen is that Minecraft will become available for Windows Phone – not that anybody has a windows phone, but it’s good to know if anyone does get a windows phone they can play Minecraft pocket edition on it.

    Jeb confirmed this on Twitter

    Yes, Minecraft: Pocket Edition *is* coming to the Windows Phone! The port runs already, but there’s still much to do before any release

    Poor Notch. He felt so stressed out with the responsibility of running a company that everybody is always watching. He hopes that he will be able to get on with his life now that Microsoft will be making those decisions without him.

    What do you think?

  2. Notch Cancels Oculus Rift for Minecraft because of Facebook

    by Chris

    Minecraft’s inventor, our beloved Notch, does not like Facebook. So what? Lots of people are “creeped out” by Facebook.13769247725158fwm87low29_1380485159797

    Well, it sounded awesome that Minecraft was talking to Oculus Rift with the idea of adding Virtual Reality gaming hardware support to Minecraft but unfortunately that deal is now over.

    It turns out Facebook has just recently announced it bought the Oculus Rift company for $2 billion. Facebook has been buying all sorts of things for billions recently. It started with Instagram, then What’s App, now Oculus Rift. What is Mark Zuckerberg planning over there?

    We were in talks about maybe bringing a version of Minecraft to Oculus. I just cancelled that deal. Facebook creeps me out.

    — Markus Persson (@notch) March 25, 2014

    Kotaku was good enough to point out there is a Minecraft mod that can support Oculus Rift unofficially if you’re lucky enough to have one of the cool headsets.

  3. How to Blow up Bedrock!

    by Ninja

    I have always thought its impossible to blow up bedrock (and obsidian) until I saw this youtube clip! Check it out! this guy, JL2579,  blows up bedrock!

    He also makes an explanation video about how it works:

    Did you know about this? If you did let me know in the comments!!

  4. My minecraft feature wishlist. What’s yours?

    by Nozomi

    I already love lots of the features of minecraft. Three of my favourites are:

    1. quests like going to The End and defeating the dragon or defeating a wither to make a beacon,

    2. being able to use tactics to make mining diamond easier and

    3. farming things.

    But there is always room for improvement! Here are the current top 4 on my features wishlist. What are yours?

    Minecraft features I’d love to see:

    1. I would like more inventory space because you always get a full inventory and you can never mine for very long. You have to set up a base of operations. You could probably have an expandable inventory or a scrollable inventory, but I think the best way would be to have just a bigger inventory screen.

    2. I’d also like redstone that can be placed next to other redstone without connecting. Maybe redstone could be insulated somehow so you have to set the connection instead of it happening automatically. Or you could have differently coloured redstone. I guess you could have bluestone, greenstone etc which could sit next to each other without interacting.

    3. Another feature which would be great is more animation to make the game more interesting. I know some animals move a bit. Sheep bend down to eat, but maybe pigs can snuffle in the grass and stuff. And possibly if you’re getting hungry, there could be some grumbly tummy noises, or the meat bar could pop and eventually explode or something.

    4. More ores would also be a good new feature. Not useless ores like lapis. Lapis is useless and boring especially since now there are flowers that make blue dye. I’d like to see a completely new ore which does some new cool thing.

  5. Minecraft Sheet Music

    by Chris

    Minecraft Sheet Music

    Minecraft Sheet Music

    I just discovered that a lot of the music from Minecraft is currently available on Sheethost. It seems like it’s been uploaded by a user called “Scamper” who has put up sheet music for other video games like Trine 2, Super Meat Boy, and Skyrim.

    You can get the full list of sheet music for Minecraft that is available on Sheethost here.

    Also, see Minecraft Sheet Music and MIDI Files

  6. Stained Glass in Minecraft and News about Minecon

    by Chris

    David and Toby always keep things entertaining and they cover some interesting items from the latest Minecraft snapshot, including stained glass. It really looks great.

    If you want to buy the Minecraft Annual 2014 mentioned in the video, click here:


  7. Video Interview with Minecraft Musician Daniel Rosenfeld C418

    by Chris

    C418 a.k.a. Daniel Rosenfeld

    C418 a.k.a. Daniel Rosenfeld

    Daniel Rosenfeld was interviewed for a Minecraft Monday show by Bebop Vox back in 2011. This is an interesting discussion about:

    • How C418 met Notch
    • How much does C418 play Minecraft
    • What C418 thinks of musical inspiration
    • His involvement in the 2 Player Productions Minecraft Documentary
    • C418’s releases after Alpha and Minecraft
    • The challenge of fitting more music into Minecraft
    • What it’s like making a living from music in this age

    Daniel is obviously very talented but also a very humble guy and he takes the massive success of his work along with Minecraft and he considers himself very lucky, downplaying the role of his talent in this success.

    Is C418 the most successful musician of video game music?



    What’s funny is the way he keeps referring to Notch as Markus. I keep forgetting Notch is Markus!

    Check out C418’s Site Also, if you want the sheet music or MIDI music for some of this, check out Minecraft Sheet Music And MIDI Files


  8. Pocket Edition Redstone and Minecarts

    by Chris

    How soon will it be before Minecraft Pocket Edition gets updated to include minecarts, redstone etc. It is going to happen soon!

  9. Gifts for Minecraft-obsessed Kids

    by Nozomi

    Need a gift for a Minecraft-obsessed kid?

    They spend all their time on it, all their conversations are about it. It’s the new Spiderman, Superman and Barbie combined. You’ve already forked out the $20 for the game. So what do you give to your Minecraft-obsessed offspring that’s not going to be relegated to the status of clothes or that dusty, award-winning board game? (disclaimer: I love boardgames. I’ve bought the kids dozens. Just wish I had someone to play them with.)

    If your household is like my household, you know that the trump gifts under the tree this year are Minecraft gifts. You know this, I know this. Face it. So I hunted around for the ones I thought were the best. Then I interviewed my kids and found out their top 5.

    All that’s left to do is buy and wrap.

    Here they are:

    10 year old girl:


    12 year old boy:



    14 year old girl:


  10. Minecraft Adventure Maps

    by Chris

    What are Minecraft Adventure Maps? Where can you find the best Minecraft Adventure Maps? How do you play in them?

    Being a “sandbox game”, Minecraft is very open to different play styles. Some people love building, some love mining and crafting, others love adventuring. Adventure Maps are worlds you can play  in that are specially designed for adventure. Sometimes, in order to get the most of Adventure Maps you should install a specific Texture Pack. It all depends on the map. Texture Packs will change the graphics of Minecraft, for example, making the stone and wood look different. When you download Adventure Maps, make sure you check if there is a required or recommended texture pack.

    Adventure Maps are almost always free. Installing Adventure Maps is usually easy once you find the right place to put the files. If you would like help installing maps, just ask in a comment below.

    Herobrine’s Mansion

    Probably one of the most famous Adventure Maps is Herobrine’s Mansion. Check out this video, it gives a sense of how much fun it can be discovering the secrets and challenges of Minecraft when you play an Adventure Map.

    Herobrine’s Mansion is a great Adventure Map for beginners to Adventure Maps because it requires no mods. Mods are extensions (like plugins) to Minecraft which modify the gameplay. Installing mods can be tricky and technical, so any maps that do not require a server with mods is much easier to set up.

    Download Herobrine’s Mansion now

    Zelda Adventure

    Zelda Adventure on the other hand, does require a mod, namely the AdventureCraft Mod. The great thing about Zelda Adventure is that, due to the AdventureCraft Mod, it can contain cut scenes, music and customer user interfaces. This makes the adventure more thrilling. Here’s the trailer:

    Download Zelda Adventure now

    Kingdom of the Sky

    If you want one of the most beautiful Adventure Maps, exploring floating castles and exotic architecture, your best choice will be Kingdom of the Sky. The map creator has even made a series of YouTube Videos that act as a tutorial to help you explore the world he has created.

    Download Kingdom of the Sky

    Star Wars

    OK, you’re saying, but Minecraft doesn’t have to just be a medieval world of castles does it? You’re right. So how about this: Star Wars. Yep. You get a light sabre. It’s called Mine Wars.

    Download Mine Wars

    Deep Space Turtle Chase

    If you like sci-fi puzzle places, then try this one from The Voxel Box. Deep Space Turtle Chase is definitely one of the top Adventure Maps of the year. Set on a remote mining station, your job is to capture the criminal Dr. Testudine (if you can!). One thing I like about it is designed for both Single Player or Co-op on a network, not all Adventure Maps work well for both. Born out of the genius that is Captain Sparklez, this adventure map is a lot of fun and will require you to use your brain and think through the puzzles. Don’t cheat!

    Download Deep Space Turtle Chase

    If you’re interested in exploring Minecraft creation more deeply, I can recommend these books: