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  1. My minecraft feature wishlist. What’s yours?

    November 26, 2013 by Nozomi

    I already love lots of the features of minecraft. Three of my favourites are:

    1. quests like going to The End and defeating the dragon or defeating a wither to make a beacon,

    2. being able to use tactics to make mining diamond easier and

    3. farming things.

    But there is always room for improvement! Here are the current top 4 on my features wishlist. What are yours?

    Minecraft features I’d love to see:

    1. I would like more inventory space because you always get a full inventory and you can never mine for very long. You have to set up a base of operations. You could probably have an expandable inventory or a scrollable inventory, but I think the best way would be to have just a bigger inventory screen.

    2. I’d also like redstone that can be placed next to other redstone without connecting. Maybe redstone could be insulated somehow so you have to set the connection instead of it happening automatically. Or you could have differently coloured redstone. I guess you could have bluestone, greenstone etc which could sit next to each other without interacting.

    3. Another feature which would be great is more animation to make the game more interesting. I know some animals move a bit. Sheep bend down to eat, but maybe pigs can snuffle in the grass and stuff. And possibly if you’re getting hungry, there could be some grumbly tummy noises, or the meat bar could pop and eventually explode or something.

    4. More ores would also be a good new feature. Not useless ores like lapis. Lapis is useless and boring especially since now there are flowers that make blue dye. I’d like to see a completely new ore which does some new cool thing.