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  1. Minecraft Sheet Music

    November 11, 2013 by Chris

    Minecraft Sheet Music

    Minecraft Sheet Music

    I just discovered that a lot of the music from Minecraft is currently available on Sheethost. It seems like it’s been uploaded by a user called “Scamper” who has put up sheet music for other video games like Trine 2, Super Meat Boy, and Skyrim.

    You can get the full list of sheet music for Minecraft that is available on Sheethost here.

    Also, seeĀ Minecraft Sheet Music and MIDI Files

  2. Video Interview with Minecraft Musician Daniel Rosenfeld C418

    November 3, 2013 by Chris

    C418 a.k.a. Daniel Rosenfeld

    C418 a.k.a. Daniel Rosenfeld

    Daniel Rosenfeld was interviewed for a Minecraft Monday show by Bebop Vox back in 2011. This is an interesting discussion about:

    • How C418 met Notch
    • How much does C418 play Minecraft
    • What C418 thinks of musical inspiration
    • His involvement in the 2 Player Productions Minecraft Documentary
    • C418’s releases after Alpha and Minecraft
    • The challenge of fitting more music into Minecraft
    • What it’s like making a living from music in this age

    Daniel is obviously very talented but also a very humble guy and he takes the massive success of his work along with Minecraft and he considers himself very lucky, downplaying the role of his talent in this success.

    Is C418 the most successful musician of video game music?



    What’s funny is the way he keeps referring to Notch as Markus. I keep forgetting Notch is Markus!

    Check out C418’s Site Also, if you want the sheet music or MIDI music for some of this, check outĀ Minecraft Sheet Music And MIDI Files


  3. Minecraft Sheet Music and MIDI Files

    April 23, 2013 by Chris

    The wonderful soundtrack by C418 which plays in Minecraft has been available for sale for a while. You can get the whole album for a great price, but do shop around. People who don’t like video games enough to even try Minecraft may even love this music!

    But what if you want to play it yourself on your own piano or keyboard? Did you know that sheet music arranger Sebastian Wolff has created MIDI and Sheet Music for many of the tracks in Minecraft?

    Check out Sebastian Wolff’s Minecraft Music page for the downloads. Thanks Sebastian!