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  1. Gifts for Minecraft-obsessed Kids

    November 1, 2013 by Nozomi

    Need a gift for a Minecraft-obsessed kid?

    They spend all their time on it, all their conversations are about it. It’s the new Spiderman, Superman and Barbie combined. You’ve already forked out the $20 for the game. So what do you give to your Minecraft-obsessed offspring that’s not going to be relegated to the status of clothes or that dusty, award-winning board game? (disclaimer: I love boardgames. I’ve bought the kids dozens. Just wish I had someone to play them with.)

    If your household is like my household, you know that the trump gifts under the tree this year are Minecraft gifts. You know this, I know this. Face it. So I hunted around for the ones I thought were the best. Then I interviewed my kids and found out their top 5.

    All that’s left to do is buy and wrap.

    Here they are:

    10 year old girl:


    12 year old boy:



    14 year old girl:


  2. Minecraft Lego

    September 11, 2012 by Chris

    For Minecraft fans, this has got to be a match made in heaven. Minecraft is already enough like playing with Lego that it obviously appeals to the same kinds of minds. Many people have been awaiting this since it’s first announcement. Well you may be interested to know the official release of Minecraft-themed Lego is available to buy.

    Here’s the Legendary Minecraft Hero himself, Notch, creator of Minecraft playing with Minecraft Lego:

    Note that this Lego is the new mini type. So it may not be suitable for birthday presents for little kids. According to the box, the recommended age range is 10+, so that makes it easier than the famous Lego Architecture mini Lego kits which typically specify 12+.