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  1. The Best Minecraft Halloween Costumes?

    September 13, 2012 by Chris

    There are so many Minecraft Costumes out there on the web. You can make your own and you can buy professional ones. For example, Amazon actually sells Steve and Creeper heads as well as Minecraft Pickaxes which would make a great prop for a Minecraft Halloween costume.

    Previously we’ve covered the Gast costume┬áso I thought I’d give those of you who are trying to find Halloween costumes a hand and list all the sources of Halloween Minecraft costumes that I’ve been able to find over the years.

    Of course you cold make your own costume out of cardboard. The blocky Minecraft world is well suited to cardboard! That’s what these three fanatics did to win EA’s competition for Halloween Minecraft costumes.

    It seems Minecraft is a real Halloween game, it already has Jack-o-lanterns and Zombies. In fact if you put these things together – the cardboard box world with the traditional Halloween things, it seems Minecraft must have been made with Halloween in mind.

    There are tons of videos about Minecraft Costumes on YouTube, here’s a playlist of them.

    You do need to watch out that you don’t make an accident-prone trick or treater like this poor Minecraft guy. It can be pretty hard to walk on stage in boxes.

    If boxes are too hard to walk in, you can always get a Minecraft T-Shirt and make sure you wear your Minecraft Socks!