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  1. French Minecraft Architects

    September 14, 2012 by Chris

    Architect Spotlight is when we shine the spotlight on real life Minecraft Heroes out there in the community. This time we are showcasing MCFRArchitect.

    MCFRArchitect is a group, of about a dozen French Minecraft architects. They have their own server (of course), YouTube channel, their work can be found all over the web and they have done some amazing large-scale builds as you can see below.

    I wonder whether this creative group has been inspired by the wonderful architecture of Paris?

    Want to see the timelapse video of them painstakingly reconstructing Cleopatra’s Palace?

    Or check out their Futuristic City, now 100% complete:

    A great place to see more of their work is on Planet Minecraft, which is a recommended source of Minecraft architectural excellence.

    Finally, a fan favorite: Orrond – The Floating City:

    Just beautiful.

    Well done MCFRArchitect c’est magnifique.