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How can I Report a Bug in Minecraft?

Minecraft, like all software, almost certainly has bugs. If you need to report a bug, you can do so in Mojang’s official Minecraft bug tracking system.

Go to Mojang’s official Minecraft Bug Tracker

Mojang is using JIRA by Atlassian to track and manage the many bug reports they receive from Minecraft players. You can create an account in the bug tracker if you want to report bugs  or follow bug reports so you find out when your favourite bug is fixed.


  1. Enzo says:

    In minecraft xbox when you drop in 1 block water yo’ll die

    • Chris says:

      Oh dear Enzo, you need to read the page! This is not where you report bugs, this is a blog where I explain that you can report bugs by going to the Minecraft Bug Tracker. Click the link above and you can report your bug to Mojang, the company who makes Minecraft.

  2. Lucas says:

    minecraft hero best game ever

  3. pawcio79 says:

    In minecraft xbox when you drop in 1 block water yo’ll die

  4. Eigbert says:

    my minecraft doesn’t want to open

  5. jose85 says:

    why does in 1.9 it always get me out and ask me for java like a fatal report has been detected by java runtime environment and it always get me out of the game I am tire of this so can you please fix this problem thank you.

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