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  1. Minecraft Adventure Maps

    by Chris

    What are Minecraft Adventure Maps? Where can you find the best Minecraft Adventure Maps? How do you play in them?

    Being a “sandbox game”, Minecraft is very open to different play styles. Some people love building, some love mining and crafting, others love adventuring. Adventure Maps are worlds you can play  in that are specially designed for adventure. Sometimes, in order to get the most of Adventure Maps you should install a specific Texture Pack. It all depends on the map. Texture Packs will change the graphics of Minecraft, for example, making the stone and wood look different. When you download Adventure Maps, make sure you check if there is a required or recommended texture pack.

    Adventure Maps are almost always free. Installing Adventure Maps is usually easy once you find the right place to put the files. If you would like help installing maps, just ask in a comment below.

    Herobrine’s Mansion

    Probably one of the most famous Adventure Maps is Herobrine’s Mansion. Check out this video, it gives a sense of how much fun it can be discovering the secrets and challenges of Minecraft when you play an Adventure Map.

    Herobrine’s Mansion is a great Adventure Map for beginners to Adventure Maps because it requires no mods. Mods are extensions (like plugins) to Minecraft which modify the gameplay. Installing mods can be tricky and technical, so any maps that do not require a server with mods is much easier to set up.

    Download Herobrine’s Mansion now

    Zelda Adventure

    Zelda Adventure on the other hand, does require a mod, namely the AdventureCraft Mod. The great thing about Zelda Adventure is that, due to the AdventureCraft Mod, it can contain cut scenes, music and customer user interfaces. This makes the adventure more thrilling. Here’s the trailer:

    Download Zelda Adventure now

    Kingdom of the Sky

    If you want one of the most beautiful Adventure Maps, exploring floating castles and exotic architecture, your best choice will be Kingdom of the Sky. The map creator has even made a series of YouTube Videos that act as a tutorial to help you explore the world he has created.

    Download Kingdom of the Sky

    Star Wars

    OK, you’re saying, but Minecraft doesn’t have to just be a medieval world of castles does it? You’re right. So how about this: Star Wars. Yep. You get a light sabre. It’s called Mine Wars.

    Download Mine Wars

    Deep Space Turtle Chase

    If you like sci-fi puzzle places, then try this one from The Voxel Box. Deep Space Turtle Chase is definitely one of the top Adventure Maps of the year. Set on a remote mining station, your job is to capture the criminal Dr. Testudine (if you can!). One thing I like about it is designed for both Single Player or Co-op on a network, not all Adventure Maps work well for both. Born out of the genius that is Captain Sparklez, this adventure map is a lot of fun and will require you to use your brain and think through the puzzles. Don’t cheat!

    Download Deep Space Turtle Chase

    If you’re interested in exploring Minecraft creation more deeply, I can recommend these books:


  2. Minecraft Sheet Music and MIDI Files

    by Chris

    The wonderful soundtrack by C418 which plays in Minecraft has been available for sale for a while. You can get the whole album for a great price, but do shop around. People who don’t like video games enough to even try Minecraft may even love this music!

    But what if you want to play it yourself on your own piano or keyboard? Did you know that sheet music arranger Sebastian Wolff has created MIDI and Sheet Music for many of the tracks in Minecraft?

    Check out Sebastian Wolff’s Minecraft Music page for the downloads. Thanks Sebastian!

  3. Minecraft Books

    by Chris

    There is so much information about Minecraft online, you might not be surprised to discover there are also a number of books written about it. There are strategy guides, building and architecture guids, creative furniture making books, the list goes on.

    There are a huge number of kindle electronic books (e-books) but there are also a lot of hardcover books and paperbacks, coffee table books and others that seem like text books! Well you know Minecraft is used in the classroom!

    The main areas that these books cover are:

    Here’s what a little digging has found:

    • Tips and tricks
    • Cheats
    • Mods – finding and installing
    • Tekkit – the advanced system of high tech mods
    • Making Mods – being a total programmer like Notch
    • Redstone – the mystical mechanical magic of minecraft
    • Potions
    • Design – architecture and interior decorating
    • Total guides for Pocket Edition, survival or Minecraft in general
    • Traps
    • Servers – finding good ones, even setting one up your own

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  4. Video: Notch throws Minecraft Party for Minecon 2012

    by Chris

    Minecon is an official Minecraft convention held in Paris, France. It’s actually being held at Disneyland Paris! What could be cooler than going to Minecon in the world’s most romantic city? Well maybe going to the party afterwards with Notch and Skrillex!

    Yes that’s right. According to the video invite/teaser tweeted by Notch, dubstep superhero Skrillex will be at the party, no doubt pumping out his huge sound…  wub wubs and wow wows.

    When you’re Notch you can throw a party like this:

    There’s no secret, Notch likes Skrillex, and it’s suspected that Skrillex plays Minecraft (or at least he should). We do know Skrillex follows Notch on Twitter.

  5. French Minecraft Architects

    by Chris

    Architect Spotlight is when we shine the spotlight on real life Minecraft Heroes out there in the community. This time we are showcasing MCFRArchitect.

    MCFRArchitect is a group, of about a dozen French Minecraft architects. They have their own server (of course), YouTube channel, their work can be found all over the web and they have done some amazing large-scale builds as you can see below.

    I wonder whether this creative group has been inspired by the wonderful architecture of Paris?

    Want to see the timelapse video of them painstakingly reconstructing Cleopatra’s Palace?

    Or check out their Futuristic City, now 100% complete:

    A great place to see more of their work is on Planet Minecraft, which is a recommended source of Minecraft architectural excellence.

    Finally, a fan favorite: Orrond – The Floating City:

    Just beautiful.

    Well done MCFRArchitect c’est magnifique.

  6. The Best Minecraft Halloween Costumes?

    by Chris

    There are so many Minecraft Costumes out there on the web. You can make your own and you can buy professional ones. For example, Amazon actually sells Steve and Creeper heads as well as Minecraft Pickaxes which would make a great prop for a Minecraft Halloween costume.

    Previously we’ve covered the Gast costume so I thought I’d give those of you who are trying to find Halloween costumes a hand and list all the sources of Halloween Minecraft costumes that I’ve been able to find over the years.

    Of course you cold make your own costume out of cardboard. The blocky Minecraft world is well suited to cardboard! That’s what these three fanatics did to win EA’s competition for Halloween Minecraft costumes.

    It seems Minecraft is a real Halloween game, it already has Jack-o-lanterns and Zombies. In fact if you put these things together – the cardboard box world with the traditional Halloween things, it seems Minecraft must have been made with Halloween in mind.

    There are tons of videos about Minecraft Costumes on YouTube, here’s a playlist of them.

    You do need to watch out that you don’t make an accident-prone trick or treater like this poor Minecraft guy. It can be pretty hard to walk on stage in boxes.

    If boxes are too hard to walk in, you can always get a Minecraft T-Shirt and make sure you wear your Minecraft Socks!


  7. Minecraft Lego

    by Chris

    For Minecraft fans, this has got to be a match made in heaven. Minecraft is already enough like playing with Lego that it obviously appeals to the same kinds of minds. Many people have been awaiting this since it’s first announcement. Well you may be interested to know the official release of Minecraft-themed Lego is available to buy.

    Here’s the Legendary Minecraft Hero himself, Notch, creator of Minecraft playing with Minecraft Lego:

    Note that this Lego is the new mini type. So it may not be suitable for birthday presents for little kids. According to the box, the recommended age range is 10+, so that makes it easier than the famous Lego Architecture mini Lego kits which typically specify 12+.

  8. Minecraft Fan Art Music Video – Hack That

    by Chris

    Check this Minecraft R&B Music Video

    Hack That!

    Be sure to visit and subscribe to ItsAllMinecraft over on YouTube.

    Here are the lyrics, so you can sing along:

    I see you sneakin’ I can see you crouchin’ down low
    Wanna’ hop up in my minecart and take a ride home
    Then we’ll go to my place and craft us up some iron swords
    And possibly make some potions

    Stand back and watch me hack that (out at my foe)
    Hack that (Zombie KO)
    Hack that (MLG pro)
    Hack that (oohhhhhh)
    Hack that (My iron sword)
    Hack that (It’s good to go)
    Hack that (You mobs don’t know)
    Hack that (ooohhhhh)

    Sword out and I’m ready to attack now
    Got all the mobs turned and runnin’ back now
    An’ I got my whole inventory stacked now
    Rotten flesh gets thrown out of the pack now

    Ooo I see him (Don’t look back now)
    Endermen are (on the crackdown)
    Armor on, ready for the smackdown
    Got my sword out yeah I’m ready to attack now

    I see you sneakin’ I can see you crouchin’ down low
    Wanna’ hop up in my minecart and take a ride home
    Then we’ll go to my place and craft us up some iron swords
    And possibly make some potions

    Stand backa and watch me hack that (out at my foe)
    Hack that (Zombie KO)
    Hack that (MLG pro)
    Hack that (oohhhhhh)
    Hack that (My iron sword)
    Hack that (It’s good to go)
    Hack that (You mobs don’t know)
    Hack that (ooohhhhh)

    Oh, looks like another ol’ creeper he’ll wanna’ think twice before he blows this thang up
    With a little flip get my sword out and he’ll be turnin’ round quick, you can bank on it
    Irons or diamonds, who cares or knows, it’s the way I mine up and down them holes
    Yeah I look like one of them diamond hoes, so extravagant, but that’s how it goes
    Up in my house didn’t think I saw him, creeps up behind me and he’s like sssss
    I’m like oh snap, I’m gonna’ decapitate, no hesitate, become irate (irate)
    Umm go fo the head, what can I say
    Yeah I Get it done quick, how I kill my prey
    No more mobs come and bother me.
    I hack that bro, that’s how I play

    I see you sneakin’ I can see you crouchin’ down low
    Wanna’ hop up in my minecart and take a ride home
    Then we’ll go to my place and craft us up some iron swords
    And possibly make some potions

    Stand backa and watch me hack that (out at my foe)
    Hack that (Zombie KO)
    Hack that (MLG pro)
    Hack that (oohhhhhh)
    Hack that (My iron sword)
    Hack that (It’s good to go)
    Hack that (You mobs don’t know)
    Hack that (ooohhhhh)

    Minecart rollin’, blocks ain’t rollin’
    Mobs come at me, the heads be rollin’
    I’m patrollin’ big diamond sword and
    Everybody knowin’ you aint getting’ past me
    So just go punch that tree
    The blocks all know my steez
    Yo I’ll tell you come at me cause lately


  9. Minecraft Halloween Costume

    by Chris

    Have you ever thought as dressing up as something from Minecraft for Halloween?

    Meet little Nels Hogaboom. Like all humans with good taste in video games, Nels loves Minecraft,  so what better Halloween costume than a Gast!

    Let’s go to The Nether together!


    image copyright Kelly Hogaboom, used under creative commons

  10. MineBox

    by Chris