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Video: Notch throws Minecraft Party for Minecon 2012

by Chris

Minecon is an official Minecraft convention held in Paris, France. It’s actually being held at Disneyland Paris! What could be cooler than going to Minecon in the world’s most romantic city? Well maybe going to the party afterwards with Notch and Skrillex!

Yes that’s right. According to the video invite/teaser tweeted by Notch, dubstep superhero Skrillex will be at the party, no doubt pumping out his huge sound…  wub wubs and wow wows.

When you’re Notch you can throw a party like this:

There’s no secret, Notch likes Skrillex, and it’s suspected that Skrillex plays Minecraft (or at least he should). We do know Skrillex follows Notch on Twitter.

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